Gaming Weekend – August 17, 2014

Before we get into the gaming weekend wrap, I need to do a little bit of serious business.



These dice were being rolled by a TIE Phantom against a weakened Y-Wing at range 1.  That’s five attack dice against a Y-Wing.  And what do I roll?  Three blanks and two foci when I had no focus token on my ship.  That ship should have been destroyed, but no.  Thus, the dice shaming.

Anyway, this weekend we played a simpler match than the previous week.  No one controlled any huge ships, though three of them were being used as obstacles.  The point totals were also a little lower.  Played played a two-on-two match with 200 points per side.  On one side were the rebels, represented by three four X-Wings (A rookie pilot, Wedge, Luke and Biggs), a Y-Wing (piloted by Dutch Vander) and a Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca at the helm.  On the other side, there were three TIE Phantoms (Echo being the only named pilot on that squad), a bounty hunter flying a Firespray, and a TIE Defender.  The Defender and the Firespray were loaded for bear, while the Phantoms were running a simple upgrade package (Advance Cloaking on all three ships, with Echo having an outmaneuver and a navigator as well).

The battle was a little slow to engage.  The firespray got hammered while I played by usual Phantom shenanigans (cloak early, decloak to attack, then recloak with the Advance cloak).  But the Firespray managed to stay in the battle.  The Defender worked on Chewbacca, while I worked on the other ships.  Soon, the Imperials knocked Biggs and Luke out.  Soon, the firespray fell, as did the rookie X-Wing pilot.  A miscalculation left Echo open to attack and she was destroyed.  It was down to three rebel ships to three Imperial ships.  But, it just so happened that two of those ships were bearing down on the Falcon.  Soon, it fell.  And given the late hour, the match was called.  Three Imperial remained to the two rebels.  The Imperials took the day.

Afterward, I joined a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  We seemed to be doing okay, until the villains managed to take out two heroes in one turn.  Soon, the rest of us fell as well.

Acquired games this weekend were Friday the 13th and Eight-Minute Empire Legends, both of which I still have to check out before I can say much about them.


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