Gaming Weekend – Epic Style

2014-08-10 16.46.44This weekend saw us return to Star Wars X-Wing in a big way, and I mean BIG.  This week, we tried out hand at an epic level battle with the rebels having the Tantive IV in action against the Imperials.

The differences between the epic games and the regular games is visually obvious.  X-Wing matches are usually played on a three by three playing area.  The epic level battles play on a six by three play area to accommodate the much larger ships.  In this particular game, the Rebel transport was not an active ship, but represented a derelict obstacle to add to the asteroids.

Since there were seven of us this weekend, we played a four on three 3oo point battle (two of the Imperials split their one hundred points to play).

This was my first time playing any of the large ships  and I have to admit I made a few errors in play.  The first was in building our squads.  We were playing with 300 points, so we divided the points equally between us.  This left the Tantive IV in a bit of a bind since just the ship costs 90 points to field.  That left me with only 1o points to play with.  That ended up being eaten by two upgrades.  The next time we play this style, I may suggest that the division be 90/90/120, which should give the Tantive IV more flex room with upgrades.

2014-08-10 18.14.29The second error we made with the squads is the obvious newbie error (four of the players were new, with one never actually playing before).  When you are new, it is difficult to give into the temptation of not playing named pilots.  The problem with that is that named pilots cost points, a lot of points.  The named pilots ended up eating most of the squad point value, which meant fewer ships on the field, and fewer upgrades to play with in the game.  It wasn’t that the named pilots did not do their fair share, it’s just that once the greater numbers of Imperials started to swarm, a loss of one ship meant a loss of a seventh of our force.  Eventually, the other two squads were off the board and the Tantive IV was left to the swarm.

Still, it was quite interesting playing the huge ship.  It takes a bit of getting used to when dealing with the different options available to the huge ships (target lock is the only option that was the same as the smaller ships).  I did manage to figure out movement and energy distribution, but I still made some mistakes with the weapons (notably the range of the primary weapon).

2014-08-10 19.52.50I don’t know if I would race to play a huge ship again.  But I would definitely like to see if I fare any better pitting some Imperial squads against one.


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