A Few Gaming Videos

Since I’ve started playing board and card games, I have looked around the internet to try and find out information about the games that I had grown interested in, or that looked interesting on the shelves.  Sometimes I was just looking for a review.  Other times I was looking for something that would explain the rules better.  Naturally, I found a lot on YouTube.


The web series that started me down the road of board and card games.  Hosted by Wil Wheaton, TableTop brings together a group of Wil’s friends to play various games.  Think of it as Boardgaming with the Stars.  This web series is getting ready to move into its third season.

The Dice Tower

The catch all channel for board gaming.  The Dice Tower features reviews by Tom Vasel, and other contributors, Top 10 lists, and Board Game Breakfast, a weekly round up of board gaming.  If a game looks interesting, but you are just not too sure about it, it is more than likely that Tom, or one of his contributors, has reviewed it.

Watch It Played

Want to see how a game plays and have a couple of hours to kill?  Check out Rodney Smith’s Watch It Played.  Smith will actually play a game in a series of short videos, usually focusing on one or two turns a video.  He will often leave the segments open ended, asking viewers to leave suggestions for the next move in the comments.  He will also go over any possible errors that may have been made in the previous round.

Rahdo Runs Through

Similar to Watch It Played, Rahdo Runs Through focuses on showing how a game is played.  Unlike Watch It Played, though, Rahdo will play longer segments, usually splitting videos into set up, game play (with extended game play options) and final thoughts.


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