Gaming Weekend

This weekend, we took a break from X-Wing, but we did not stray far from the Star Wars Universe.  This week, I got my first opportunity to play Star Wars: The Card Game.  This is called a living card game (or LCG).   For those not in the know, living card games are sort of a modification of the collectible card game (or CCG, like Magic: The Gathering).  Players pull from a pool of cards to build a deck that they will pit against another player.  What makes this different from a collectible card game is that while there are expansions, players to not have to rely on blind luck to get the cards they want or need.  In short, players of an LCG buy one booster pack which will have all the cards available for that particular expansion, where you can buy twenty-nine boosters for a CCG with no guarantee that they will get the one rare they want to use in their decks.

There are a lot of LCGs out there for all sorts of genres.  One of the reasons why I went with the Star Wars LCG is for the simple fact that there are not a lot of expansions out for it yet.  It was easier for me to pick up all the currently available expansions (with the last one on Sunday), where some of the others are quite extensive (like The Lord of the Rings LCG) or very difficult to pick up (like the Call of Cthulhu LCG).

While I had all the available cards (once I bought the last set Sunday), I had never played the game.  Heck, I never even tried to build a deck.  Thankfully, I was able to get a tutorial on building a deck, and was able to put together a Jedi deck.  Soon I had two other decks (a Sith and an Imperial Navy deck) and even modified the Jedi deck (I had originally added a card set that was more for multiplayer action than one on one).

I also lost all four matches I played.  Badly.  It was obvious I was still learning how to play.

After that, we moved onto Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery.  This game, based on the Starz series, pits players against each other to game influence in ancient Rome through schemes and victories in the arena.  I found it interesting, and I probably would play it again.  But, I’m not sure if I would actually purchase the game.

I also added Betrayal at House on the Hill to my collection… finally.  This game has been in and out of print for a while, and I had seen older copies of this game offered for well over $100.  Thankfully, I did not have to pay anywhere near that much to get my copy.

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