Gaming Weekend – Part 2

This was a relatively quiet gaming weekend.  No X-Wing, but I did manage to get in a couple of games.

The first game we played was Vikings: Warriors of the North.  In this game, players take on the roles of raiding Vikings, sailing along the coast to try and steal the beautiful maidens of their opponents and return them to their camp (I never said it was politically correct).  Movement is determined by the wind and (as a last resort) the oar.  And, there is a fair bit of screw your opponent as well.

I managed to win this game… barely.  It was down to two of us.  I was one space away from my dock with the last maiden I needed to bring back, and the next player (blue) was at his dock, unable to bring his last maiden to the feast because he rowed into dock (rowing for movement ends your turn).  It came down to convincing the other players that the blue player was the bigger threat to winning the game,  and getting the right wind card to get me into my dock.

Next, we played Splendor, which I have talked about before.  This time, we managed to play with the accurate rules.  Needless to say, I los this one.

One last note about some of the games this weekend.  Saturday, we played Name 5, a trivia based game where players have 30 seconds to name five of the particular category.  We liked the idea of the timed answers, but there was a bit more than that to the game.  Name 5 also comes with a board that is supposed to be used to determine which questions to ask.  This is where the game broke down for us.  The rules of the game state that a player continues to move as long as he can complete the task.  This leads the game to potential runs if you are playing with someone who knows a lot about nothing useful.  Furthermore, there are spaces on the board which are supposed to do funky things in the game.  I read the rules for them a few times before just giving up and playing house rules (roll the dice for the question, then give your answers in the allotted time.  If you do, you win the card for the point and play moves to the next player).

If you play the game with the house rules, it is pretty decent.  The questions are creative, and some are fun to come up with answers for.  And the timing element is something that a couple of other games could use.  But, if you try to play using the board, it is horrible and not worth playing at all.


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