Game Projects

This is really just a quick update on a few game projects I’ve been working on.

I have posted a few times about my tuck boxes.  Well, since I have started playing Sails of Glory, I have been interested in upgrading some of the components of that game.  Now, I could easily just buy upgraded components, but where would be the fun in that.  I decided to try and make them myself.

The first step was to try and figure out what material to use.  I had originally decided to work in balsa since it is a light wood and could probably be cut with a utility knife easier.  However, someone had suggested that I use basswood instead.  It is a bit heavier than balsa, and thus a bit stronger.  I was off to my local craft store to pick up a few large pieces to work with, along with a smaller bag of various pieces as well.

So, my first attempt did not go all that well.  The piece I picked was a bit thicker than I had intended, and cutting it with the utility knife proved difficult.  Thus, Sunday, I went to my friendly local game shop (which is connected to a larger hobby shop) to pick up a few tools.

2014-07-21 01.41.52 (2)Once I got home from gaming, I made my next attempt.  And, I was surprised to find it actually did not go all that bad.  Naturally, since I can’t do anything easy, I had picked the game’s attitude indicator as my first attempt at component creation.  Carefully I traced the shapes on the basswood, then cut them out.  The octagonal base was easy.  I just used a hobby saw to cut the shape out since it was all straight edges.  The pointer, however, was a different matter.  Because of the curves, I has to use a different saw (picked up at the hobby shop).  And while I think they could be better, I would say I did okay for a first attempt.  Now, all I need is some stain or paint and to glue it together

2014-07-22 00.40.49I also tried my hand at a range ruler.  in spite of the simple design, it proved a bit more difficult than the attitude indicator.  The longer cut needed for this piece proved to be a bit trickier than the smaller cuts of the octagon base.  In addition, I needed to make sure that this was truly matching in size since the ruler is used to determine to many things in the game.  Carefully I cut the piece, then lined it up with the original so that I can mark the various ranges on the ruler.  This had to be done front and back.

Some quick coloring and line accents with sharpies managed to bring it together.  I would not say it is perfect, but it is certainly not all that bad considering it is really my first attempt at something of this nature.


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