Gaming Weekend

This was a relatively quiet weekend for gaming.

July 20, 2014

July 20, 2014

I managed to finally try out the TIE Defenders for Star Wars X-Wing.  The TIE Defenders are the last ship from the latest wave I had yet to try.  This match was a bit unconventional.  Usually, casual matches pit Imperial forces against Rebel forces.  This match followed more tournament rules (squad against squad, regardless of whether they are rebels or Imperials).  The three defenders faced off against an Imperial squad of two TIE Phantoms and a conventional TIE Fighter.

It was the first time my opponent had played the Phantoms and he discovered the same thing I did when I first tried them:  they have a learning curve because of the cloaking feature.  I had never played defenders before, but I had seen them in action.  As ships go, the Defender and the Phantom are about even, with the defender at 3 hull and 3 shields and the phantom at 2 hull and 2 shields (the cloaking device really compensates for that).

The only issue I had was that by main pilot, Rexler Brath never really had a chance to utilize his ability (spend a focus to turn all face down damage cards dealt to an opponent face up).  Still, Outmaneuver, the only upgrade on any of the defender ships, was key, since on a few occasions it managed to eliminate the distance bonus for defense.  I did lose one of my defenders (a scrub pilot), but Rexler and the other pilot managed to win the skirmish.

After that, I moved onto a couple of conventional board games.  Stone Age is one that I have played a few times (not even counting the app version) and really enjoy it… even if I never win.  After that, we played The Hobbit deck builder game.  This deck builder is on the same vein as the DC Comics Deck Builder, and is compatible with the other Lord of the Rings deck builder games (the one we played was combined with at least the Two Towers expansion, if not more).  I could not get anything going in that game and came in a distant last.

As for acquisitions, I only made two game purchases.  Zooloretto is an older game where players take on the role of zoo keepers trying to build their zoos up.  The other game is science fiction game called Lost Legacy.  I do not know that much about it except that it is in the same vein as other micro-games like Love Letter.  When I learn more about it, I’ll make sure to post it here.


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