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2014-07-13 12.22.18This is really just a quick note.  Much like the X-Wing tuck boxes I printed up, I created tuck boxes for my Sails of Glory ships.  I do have to admit that the X-Wing boxes are really more for show, but this is not the case for Sails of Glory.

In Sails of Glory, each ship has a ship card (two sided, showing the two ships that it can be), a ship log (which provides the stats for the ships in regards of how much damage it can take and how much it can deal out, along with other information) and a maneuver deck, which represents the possible moves that a ship can perform in the game.

Where the boxes for X-Wing either hold the cards (and dials) for a particular squad, including any enhancement cards that are used on the ships of that squad, each ship needs to keep its various information organized.  So, rather than keeping the deck and the logs loose or rubber banded together, I have boxes for each ship’s pertinent information.  For extra added design, the bottom of the box has the ship’s nationality on it (currently British, French, or – for one ship – American).  I also have the names of the ships on the top, allowing for players to find the ship box they need by ship title and have everything they need to play that ship.


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