Um… We Played That Wrong

I mentioned this earlier this week, but it seems like my favorite phrase when it comes to gaming lately is, “Um, remember that game we played?  Turns out we were playing it wrong.”

Sure, it happens to everyone.  Lately, though, it seems to be happening to me a lot.  I would not mind it too much if not for the fact that for some of the games we played, I have been the one who has ben trying to teach them to other people.  That and it seems like it really has not helped me all that much in games… mostly.

In some cases, it’s been something as simple as scoring errors.  In playing Splendor, I misinterpreted how the nobles play out.  I thought you got them on a separate turn.  It turns out you get them on the very turn that you gain the necessary cards to score the noble.  A simple error, and one that would not have scored me the victory one way or the other.

In other cases, it’s something pretty major.  Take my two games of Sails of Glory.  It turned out I totally botched how damage is placed on the ships.  In the first game, I do not think it would have made much of a difference.  In the second game, I can’t be so sure.

So, how do we avoid these errors in gaming?  Really, it’s going to happen.  I know our little X-Wing group did not clarify the difference between suffering damage and dealing damage for a while  And it turns out there is a difference.  In a casual game, it will happen and you learn.


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