Gaming Weekend

This week, I did not get to try out the TIE Defenders like I hoped I could, but I did get to try out the E-Wings.

The squad I fielded was a three ship squad.  Two ships were E-wings, with one being Etahn A’Baht and the other a Blackmoon Squadron pilot.  The third ship was a Headhunter piloted by Lt. Blount.  This squad went up against two TIE Defenders and a Phantom.  Surprisingly, the e-wings and the headhunter managed to win the day.  I think it was more about lucky rolling than anything spectacular with the ships.

2014-07-06 16.44.54From here, we switched to Sails of Glory.  We did not get all elaborate with the game, sticking to the basic game.  This is a departure from X-Wing in that there is no dice rolling for damage, but drawing from chits representing the ranges for attack (in the basic game, there are three types of damage).  Movement is determined by cards, with wind direction determining speed.  I like this game and want to start getting the hang of the standard and advance rules to really start having fun with it.

After that we moved on to Desperadoes of Dice Town, a quick little dice game that is a spin off of the game Dice Town.  The goal of this game is to free all the members of your gang while having the most money.  We played twice and I dropped both games.

Not surprisingly, we moved on to the parent game, Dice Town, after that.  I did not fare as well in this game as I had in the past.

Finally, we wrapped up with a game of DC Comics Deck Builders.  As usual, I had fun with it, though I lost.

I also picked up the new expansion/stand alone game Legendary Villains, which is part of the Marvel Legendary deck builder line.  The game looks interesting, but I have some gripes, mostly in the packaging.  First, the cards are packaged chaotically.  Similar cards are split up among several decks, making inventory checks a pain in the neck.  And given that my first Marvel Legendary set was missing cards (which did get replaced), I always check to make sure everything is there.  Second, it seems they cheaped up on the box packaging, not using the usual compliment of sponges, but using crumpled paper for filler.

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