Wave 4

So far, I have played two of the four ships available in the fourth wave of Star Wars X-Wing.  I still have to test out the E-Wing and the TIE Defenders.

I am really liking the TIE Phantoms.  The TIE Phantom’s major ability is to be able to cloak.  When cloaked, the TIE Phantom gains two defense dice, which means that it will roll at least four defense dice when attacked.  The drawback to the cloak is that the Phantom must decloak before it attacks, leaving it vulnerable to attack… sort of (more on that in a bit).

The advantages of the ship, however, outweigh the disadvantages.  The TIE Phantom attacks with four attack dice normally.  The only other ship I could find that had that type of attack was the Tantive IV… the huge ship.  When decloaking, the Phantom is capable of being anywhere from its position since it will move 2 straight in any direction (the Phantom pilot Echo exchanges this with the bank 2 maneuver) before making its move.

The one upgrade I do suggest running with the Phantom is the Advanced Cloaking Device, which allows you to take a free cloaking action after you perform an attack.  In essence, this will allow you to recloak after performing an attack, giving you the cloaking defense advantage.

The headhunters, however, did not fare all that well.  I played a five ship squad, all armed with assault missiles (which damage the ship it hits, then does one damage to all ships in range one of that ship).  Four of those ships also had the munitions failsafe, which allows the assault missiles to get a second chance if they miss.  The squad was led by Lt. Blount, a good pilot to use with assault missiles since his ability would activate the assault missiles secondary trait even if they miss.

The headhunters are cheap.  No pilot cost is more than 20 which makes them god for building a rebel swarm.  The problem with that is that the Headhunters are not all that maneuverable, that are not all that agile, and unless they have secondary weapons (which are missile type weapons only), they don’t have a lot of offense.  Their shields and hull are equal to the TIE Phantom at two and two, but they lack the advantage of the cloak that the phantom has.  They really are not all that great, at least as a swarm ship.  They work best as weak support, with Lt. Blount’s ability allowing him to hit an enemy swarm with an assault missile attack (I put Deadeye on him, which allows him to use a focus instead of a target lock), and Airen Cracken giving one pilot in range one a free action.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to test out the E-Wing and the Defender next Sunday.


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