5 Games I Haven’t Played… And Why

Since I have gotten back into board and card games, my collection has bloomed quite a bit.  According to my stats on Board Game Geek, my collection stands at around 283 games.  I say around 283 because this list also includes a number of expansions which usually cannot be played independently of the main game (I say usually because many of the Ascension expansions can be played independently or combined into one super deck building game).  Lately, I have been working on picking away at this list, trying to play the games I have on this list before I move onto buying new games.  Or, at least, trying to, since I still plan on buying new stuff.

Still, there are a few games on this list which I do not see playing in the forseeable future for one reason or another.

1) Mansions of Madness

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Mansions of Madness is a Cthulhu based board game from Fantasy Flight Games.  Players try to solve the puzzles in a number of different scenarios that are run by a keeper, which controls the vile denizens of the Lovecraftian mythos.  In a sense, it is a lot like a board game version of Dungeons and Dragons, or, if you will, Call of Cthulhu.

I would love to play this game, but a number of factors work against it.  First, it has a huge set up time, a lot of which needs to be performed by the keeper so that the other players do not know what is in store for them.  Secondly, it has a daunting 2 hour play time, and I’m pretty much assuming that is estimate is on the light side.  New players and difficult tasks will undoubtedly make play time longer.  And because the game is players vs. keeper, you need at least 2, and preferably more than that to play (Board Game Geek recommends five players.  It is rare that my casual group gets more than three players.  Finally, I really do not want to play as the keeper, at least not for my first game.  This, of course, means that someone else must take up the mantle of the keeper, and take up the time to set the game up.

Because my gaming tends to be on the more casual side, all of that has prevented Mansions of Madness from hitting any game table I’m at.

2) Last Night on Earth

In Last Night on Earth, players assume the roles of either the rag-tag heroes that must escape the zombie horde that threatens them, or the zombie horde itself.  The survivors must complete the scenario at hand before time runs out.  The zombies must kill the survivors and stop them.  The board itself is modular and can be altered according to the scenario for added replayability.

Some of the issues that plague Mansions of Madness plague Last Night on Earth as well.  Play time is estimated at 90 minutes, which puts it out of our casual gaming time window (we can manage 60 minutes at best).  It also is best played with a number of players.  I’ve seen it played with four players of TableTop, and Board Game Geek suggests it is best with five.  And though I did not mention this with Mansions, both games take up a bit of tabletop real estate, something which our casual gaming group does not have a lot of space for.

Still, I do hope to try this game out sometime, preferrably at my local friendly gaming shop (A.K.A. FLGS) where table space is not a premium.  I just need to get the players.

3) 12 Days

Courtesy: geekdad.com

Courtesy: geekdad.com

12 Days is a trick taking card game patterned after the 12 Days of Christmas.  Players score points by playing the lowest value card to win the day (thus, “2 turtle doves” beats “7 Lords A’Leaping”).  Once the twelve days are played through, scoring continues with points awards for the most of any particular card (someone with 3 “5 Golden Rings” will score 5 points, etc).

There is no real reason why my casual group could not play this game.  The game itself plays fast at around 15 minutes, and the rules are pretty simple (trade a card, play a card, draw a new card, repeat).  And we should have no issue getting three people to play this game.  And if time is an issue, there is a variant which plays out only 8 days instead of 12.

The only reason why I have not brought this game to the table yet is the theme.  it is so holiday oriented that it would seem a bit odd to play it in June or July.  Come Christmas, this will definitely hit the table.

4) Ticket To Ride

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Ticket To Ride has become a classic board game in the 10 years since it first appeared on gaming shelves.  It has spawned expansions to the original game, adding new boards (in new countries) and has recently released a 10th anniversary special edition.  The game is incredibly simple to play, it is understandable how that happened.  Players collect color cards to complete train routes across the country, scoring points with completed routes and longest trains.

This game has yet to hit my gaming table for a few reasons.  First, there are so many little parts to the game.  Little parts can lead to big disasters.  Case in point, watch the Ticket to Ride episode of TableTop.  Just me, it is worth it just to see the expressions on everyone’s faces when near gaming disaster happens.

Secondly, and this is probably the bigger point of the two, Ticket to Ride has become a classic (as I said before), and, sadly, often the classics just are not played as much as we would hope to play them.  This is even more sad considering that I really do want to play this game, too.

5) Tentacle Bento

Courtesy: agamemag.com

Courtesy: agamemag.com

Tentacle Bento is a trick taking card game with an anime theme.  Okay, the theme is less anime than it is hentai (look it up… just don’t do it at work… or in front of kids).  Granted, the game is a bit cleaned up (stress a bit).  But, it is still a card game where players assume the roles of tentacled monsters trying to capture students at an all girls school.  Yep, that’s right, there’s no need to repeat that, it’s right there.

I think it is quite obvious why this game will never hit the game table.  In truth, I bought it only because I was curious about what the game was.  I don’t think I will ever play it.  I think I have a better chance of playing Tanto Cuore than this.



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