Saturday Songs – June 14, 2014

I know I’ve had Eric Clapton playing Layla on here before.  But I picked this clip for two reasons.

1)  It’s Clapton at Live Aid with Phil Collins on drums.

2)  I had a co worker who had the audacity to ask, “Who?” when I mentioned Eric Clapton.


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  1. As much as I love the song I absolutely hated the ‘unplugged’ version of Layla. That song is meant to be electric.

    • I have something like four or five versions of it on my iPod

      • A few weeks ago I was driving home and this horrendous wind/sandstorm kicked up. I could barely see and I could feel my car swaying from side to side. Anyway, the original Derek and the Domino’s version of Layla was playing on the radio and I’ve got it turned up and it’s rocking and rolling and lo and behold just as soon as that awesome piano section begins everything just calms down just…like…that. I drove the rest of the way home in a state of awe.

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