Gaming Weekend – Part 2

2014-06-08 15.36.56Sunday brought along the usual casual X-Wing matches.  I say casual because the previous week I was in a tournament, Assault at Imdaar Alpha, where I just did not do well (and that’s overstating it).

Gone was my Millennium Squad, retired after last week’s abysmal failure.  To be honest, it was not the only squad to be broken down in the aftermath of Imdaar Alpha.  This week, I decided to try out one of the two squads that I had built in the tournament’s wake.  It was a simple three ship build, 2 X-Wings and a YT-1300.  It just so happened that the two X-Wings were piloted by Wedge Antilles and Wes Jansen.  Point wise, it is an expensive to have both pilots in the squad, but even with the Outer Rim Smuggler, there was still some room for some improvements.  Not that I really needed many, Wedge’s ability takes a defense die away from the ship he’s attacking, and Wes can remove action tokens away from the ships he attacks.

This squad won both matches it was in this Sunday, but it was close.  In both matches, Wes and the Smuggler were eliminated, leaving only Wedge in the mix.  The saving grace of the matches was that because Wedge is such a high level pilot, it was shooting first nearly every turn.  That and his ability won both matches.

Afterward, I watched as two new players tried out Star Trek Attack Wing.  With some minor differences, Attack Wing is a lot like X-Wing, though (obviously) set in the Star Trek universe  I had picked up a starter set for this game, but did not gat any more ships.  I never really cared for the scaling of the ships, or lack thereof.  Still, I was curious to see how the game was played.

I ended the night playing a little DC Comics Deck-Building Game.  I use the word little ironically since the version we were playing included both versions of the game, as well as a few unofficial expansions.  I lost that game, but till had fun playing it.


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