Weekend Gaming – Part 1

Just a quick note on games played this weekend.

In addition to trying out Dungeons and Dragons Online, I played a couple of other games this weekend.

The first was Fairy Tale.  This card drafting game has been in my collection for maybe a couple of months, and I had tried to play it once before.  That time the game play did not go all that well, and we never finished the game.  Granted, I had just picked it up that weekend, so the rules were very new to me.  And we had a lot of questions about the game.

It turned out we were really over thinking the game… a lot.  So we tried the game again this weekend.  It actually plays quite well, and the other players actually enjoyed playing it.  It plays quite fast and we were able to get in three games in maybe a half an hour or so.

After the third game of Fairy Tale, we moved into Dominion, probably the grand daddy of deck building games.  We played a three player game of Dominion, and none of us were really thrilled with the game play.  We had played for quite a while and felt like we were going nowhere.  This seemed to be reinforced by the fact that once everything was finally said and done, the score were only 20 to 17 to 13.

Now, I am a fan of deck builders, and have played Dominion online a few times.  But, playing the actual game really just did not excite me.  In truth, I was a bit turned off by it.  Thankfully, the majority of my deck builder games are a bit more dynamic than Dominion.  It was not an introduction to deck builders for our little group (they have played Star Realms),  but it just was not the right game for our group.  One member was getting a bit frustrated by the fact that though she had a lot of action cards in her hand, she could only play one of them most turns.

Sunday brings back the casual X-wing games, where I’m going to try a few different squads to see how they play (and to see if I’ve gotten any better at building squads).

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