5 Things I Learned at the Assault at Imdaar Alpha

I actually learned quite a bit with my entry into the Star Wars X-Wing tournament, Assault at Imdaar Alpha.  I mean, more than I should not be competing in tournaments.

  1. Three ships with 1 agility will get beaten up fast – I played a 2 Falcon 1 Y-Wing squad for the tournament.  While the Falcons can take a lot of damage, they also have no agility to avoid taking that damage.  The same goes for the Y-Wing.  Worse still, if you are flying against a ship that takes agility dice away (like the X-Wing pilot Wedge Antilles), you pretty much just sit there and watch your ships be blown up… which I did.
  2. Flechette Torpedoes are useless against big ships – The Flechette Torpedo is a new torpedo option available with the Rebel Transport.  The “benefit” of these torpedoes is that they will give a ship with a hull strength of 4 or less a stress token, which prevents actions being performed by the stressed ship until that stress is relieved.  I had two sets of flechette torpedoes on the Y-Wing, which would have been okay against swarm squads of TIE fighters.  My first match was against someone flying two firesprays (the ship Boba Fett flies) and a Lambda shuttle.  None of these ships have a hull of four or less.  No big ship has a hull of four or less.  In a sense, the torpedoes were pretty much useless.
  3. Ion Turrets are expensive and nice… when they work, which they often don’t – The Y-Wings can be equipped with turret weapons.  The Ion Cannon Turret costs 5 towards your squad point total (for most tournaments, this is 100).  Thus, it is quite costly, but it fires in every direction.  A successful ion attack will send most ships drifting… except big ships, which need two ion hits to do this.  While drifting is great (you can drift a large ship off the playing field or into an asteroid), you need to hammer these ships to do that.  With big ships, it means constant attacking.  Which leaves you open to be taken out.
  4. When the dice are hot, they are hot, when they are not, they are not – I was not getting any rolls working for me that day, at all.  Worse still, what little benefit I was getting from my dice was being erased by hot rolls from my opponents.
  5. A 360 degree firing arc is still great – The big advantage of the Falcons is that they are the only ship that has a primary weapon that fires in a 360 degree arc.  If (and for me, that’s a big IF) you can stay out of your opponent’s firing arc (behind them or beside them), you can make an impact.  Granted, you have to have the attacks to do so, which is tough since the lowest value pilot for a Falcon still costs 27 points.  And that pilot has a lesser quality ship than the next pilot up.  That pilot (Chewbacca), costs 42 points, almost half of the points for a standard tournament.

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