Box Creation

The other night I posted I was not able to put up a regular post because I was making boxes.  In truth, I was making a lot of boxes.

Regular followers know about my new propensity of organizing my games within their game boxes.  Mostly this has been through creating tuck boxes for a lot of the card games I play through a couple of different tuck box generators.  And I have been doing well with them.

The problem with tuck boxes is that there are limitations as to what you can do with them.  They are great with cards.  But they are not so hot with tokens, dice and the like.  The few tuck boxes I’ve created for these items just did not do all that well.  While cards are big enough to hold down the tongues of the tuck boxes, tokens don’t.  And if the tongue is not long enough, it will just fall out.

(and, yes, I realize how all that sounds… cheeky monkeys)

I figured I was limited to tuck boxes and store bought plastic boxes for game component storage.  At least, I thought I was until I found this web site:

Free Template Maker

This template site creates a multitude of objects.  Yes, tuck boxes are represented.  But, so are boxes with lids, and match boxes, and gift boxes, and mailers, and envelopes, and… well you get the idea.  Granted, this site will just generate the basic box template in a PDF form.  If you want graphics on it, you will need to bring the PDF into an art program (I use Paint Shop Pro).  But, you do not need a lot of graphics experience to create some nice looking boxes.2014-05-19 05.14.31

I have posted my picture of my Red Dragon Inn box before.  All the cards are neatly packed into their own boxes, yet the coins and tokens are just tossed in the box in plastic baggies.

2014-05-29 23.49.06Now, thanks to the above site, my Red Dragon Inn box is much better organized.  The coins have been divided into three matchbox style boxes, just as the tokens are within a smaller matchbox.2014-05-29 23.49.33

This organization extends to other games as well.  Lords of Vegas is a great game.  The biggest problem with the game is that the box insert that comes with the game obviously does not go with this game.  Worse still, none of the components of the game fit well into this box.  And if you add the Up! expansion, forget it, you are fighting for space.
2014-05-29 23.50.24Now, thanks to tuck boxes and boxes with lids, Lords of Vegas is organized, and ready for even more expansions.  Furthermore, each player had their own boxes, with all the dice and tokens within.  Now there is no need to fish out pieces from a central bag.2014-05-29 23.50.33

Now, I just have to figure out which game is going to be updated next.


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