Picks of the Week – Culling Special

This week continued the dropping of comics from my collection.  We are not talking one or two books either.

This week, it could be called a culling.

I used to pick up a lot of books a week.  There were a lot of DC titles, a good deal of independents, and a couple of Marvel titles (having grown tired of the constant Marvel crossovers and events).

This week, I picked up 16 books.  With the exception of one Avatar title, they were all DC Comics.  And a couple of them I will not be collecting after this week.  Granted, this is because three of the titles, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, and Larfreeze are cancelled.  Yes, Nightwing is being replaced by Grayson, and Suicide Squad with the New Suicide Squad.  But Larfreeze is done and gone.  To be honest, it isn’t that much of a loss.  I found it to be the least enjoyable of the Lantern titles, and Larfreeze himself is a character that never should have gotten his own title.

A few more of the titles picked up this week are also winding down.  All-Star Western, which really lost its direction when Hex time jumped to the present, has been announced as cancelled, as well as Adventures of Superman, which told stories that did not fit into the New 52 canon.

Still, there are more DC titles that will be dropped soon.  Catwoman just had not been keeping my attention lately.  It is most likely that the issue I picked up today will be my last issue.  Red Lanterns also teeters on the brink.  As much as I like Dex-Starr, the whole concept of the Red Lanterns works best in small doses, much like Larfreeze.

And to be honest, I am really not sure why I picked of God is Dead from Avatar Press.  We can consider this dropped as well.


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