Gaming Monday

This Memorial Day, I had two choices.  I could sit home, waiting to do something and hoping the family would do something eventually, or I could go to my local Game Store and enjoy a holiday filled with games.

I chose the latter.

The first game on the docket was one I had played before.  However, since playing Stone Age that one time, I have downloaded the app version and have been playing it constantly.  It is a pretty classic worker placement game and tons of fun, even if I didn’t win.

Next up was Dice Town, which I played on International TableTop Day.  Unfortunately, I did not have the luck I had the last time and did not win, or get the opportunities to play corrupt sheriff.

We followed Dice Town with Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers.  This is a variant on the classic Carcassonne game.  Here, the players are trying to score points by completing river ways, forests and fields filled with animals to hunt, but not tigers.

Next in line was Arctic Scavengers.  This is a deck building game that I had picked up some time ago and wanted to try it out.  The theme of this particular game is that each player is the head of a group of survivors in the world of the frozen future.  Through scavenging and fighting, we seek to gather the people and resources to make out tribe the largest of them all.  We played two games of this.  The first was a three player game, and the second a four player game.

Finally, we wrapped up with a couple of games of Survive: Escape From Atlantis.  This board game has players trying to get their people off a sinking Atlantis and to safety, either by boat or by swimming.  Along the way, you have to deal with sea monsters, sharks and whales, all trying to either eat you or destroy the boat you are in.  And if they don’t get you, the other players will.  I learned pretty fast why the other players had another unofficial name for the game: F–k You.  This is because you usually say that once another player does something dastardly, like steer a shark into your treading water meeple, or just steering boats away from you.

The day was broken up by some traditional Memorial Day festivities, namely grilling burgers and hot dogs brought in by one of the gamers.  The store owner also provided ice cream for the players and many of us brought in chips to snack on throughout the day.


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