X-Wing Sunday

It was a relatively quiet X-Wing Sunday.  Things are gearing up for next week’s big tournament.  I played one match with my Fett’s Raiders, which did not fare all that well against an X-Wing squad.  It is definitely not being considered for tournament play.

I decided that I’m going to stick with my tournament tested squad… sort of.  I’m playing my Millennium Squad, which consists of two YT-1300’s (A.K.A. the Millennium Falcon).  However, I swapped out my named B-Wing pilot and replaced it with an unnamed Y-Wing pilot with added weapons.  The only thing I did wrong was misremembered the cost of the Ion turret, which is not 3, but 5, leaving me less to work with.  Still, I think I will fare well with this… unless I decide to swap out the Y-Wing for an unnamed B-Wing with weapons.  I’ll check into that.


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