Picks of the Week – May 21, 2014

It’s the Wednesday before Memorial Day, and, I have to admit, it has not been a great week for me.  I do have some picks, but for the most part, there seem to be more drops than pick ups for comics lately.


Forever Evil #7 (DC Comics) – I include mostly because this wraps up the series… finally.  As many readers know, the last issue was delayed, though I never really poked around to see what that was.  In the meantime, new titles like Justice League United and Superman: Doomed have hit the shelves and acted as spoilers to some of the aftermath of Forever Evil.  As for the issue, It was okay, but not great.  There are major hints as to what is the next big bad in the DC Universe, and what could have driven the Crime Syndicate from their world to the New 52 universe.  It is interesting to see Luthor act as a hero (sort of), though I’m certain this will not last.  The last page probably has the biggest revelation, something that could definitely come into play in the future.

Justice League #30 (DC Comics) – In the wake of Forever Evil, the Justice League must deal with the fact that Luthor is now seen as a hero.  What’s more, he wants in the League, and he brings Shazam with him.  And remember how I mentioned before about the revelation on the last page of Forever Evil?  It did not take long to come into play.

Justice League of America #14 (DC Comics) – More fall out from the events of Forever Evil in this final issue.  We get a glimpse of where the heroes gathered to be the counter balance to the Justice League have gone, and a lead in to Justice League United.  Granted, there have already been two issues of the new series, but we now finally get to see what lead up to that.


On an aside note, this week saw the announcement of the cancellation of 6 DC titles.  Four of these titles, Superboy, Birds of Prey, All-Star Western and Batwing, were part of the initial New 52 roll out.  When these books end, there will be only 21 titles left from the initial 52 new titles.  The other two titles are Phantom Stranger and Pandora.

Now, I was a fan of both Phantom Stranger and All-Star Western.  I do understand why Phantom Stranger did not catch on.  The series dealt with some real deep concepts.  And while I liked the idea of exploring the old West of the New 52, sometimes Jonah Hex (the lead character of the series) is best handled in smaller doses.  I read the other titles, but I would not call myself a fan of any of them.  Superboy was undoubtedly the weakest of all the Super-titles.  Birds of Prey lost something with the revamp, and the return of Batgirl to the title did not bring back the magic that made the original series work.  Batwing lost its direction when they changed the man behind the suit, and the land he protected.  And Pandora would have worked best as a mini-series, if that.  Pandora as a character could have filled the void that the Phantom Stranger left when they explored more of who he was.  Prior to the new 52, the Phantom Stranger was a mysterious protector, showing up when all Hell was going to break lose in the world (sometimes literally).  Pandora began that way, especially showing up in all the initial New 52 launches, but lost a lot of the mystery as the series explored who she was.

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