Gaming Weekend

2014-05-18 17.30.53This weekend got me back to Star Wars: X-Wing.  I played two games, splitting the games between my Rebel Millennium Squad and my Imperial Fett’s Raiders.  I was playing against an opponent who managed to put together a couple of squads of custom ships.  These custom ships were TIE Defenders and Headhunters… otherwise known as two of the new ships in the next expansion wave for X-Wing.  The stats were assembled from internet posts about the new ships and allowed us to get an idea how these ships will play in combat.

The TIE Defenders were a squad of three, each equipped with ion cannons.  I played my tournament tested Millennium Squad against these three.  The Defenders were tougher than the usual TIE fighters, having shields.  They did not seem to have great maneuverability, but did have one thing going for them.  The TIE Defenders could Corrigan without taking stress (for those who don’t know, a Corrigan is when a ship basicly turns 180 degrees from its previous path).  This basically meant they could stay in the fray easier if they are going to overshoot their target.  The Defenders did manage to defeat my squad, though it felt like there was more bad rolls from me and good rolls from my opponent.

For the second battle, we switched sides.  I pulled out my Fett’s Radiers, named because it is built around Slave 1 and Boba Fett.  With Boba Fett are a TIE Bomber and two TIE fighters.  I was going up against a squad of Z95 Headhunters, six of them.  Four were the basic units, with two named pilots.  The interesting thing about the headhunters is their base pilot if a level 4, and even with two more pilots of level 6 and 8, there was still room for additional weaponry.  However, the ships have weak hull and weak shields.

The carnage began early.  With Boba Fett moving last and shooting first, he was able to get close enough to launch a barrage of assault missiles at the formation flying headhunters.  In what had to be the luckiest roll of the dice, I rolled four hits and my opponent rolled no evades.  One headhunter was taken out before he could even get off a shot.  And because of the nature of assault missiles (which do one damage to all ships within range 1 of the target), I managed to halve the shields of the remaining ships.  By the end of the third turn, two more had been destroyed.  The headhunters did manage to take out Boba Fett, but by then, the damage had been done.  The remaining headhunters were picked off, damaged by seismic charges and regular attacks.

Again, these were non sanctioned versions of the new ships, but it did manage to give us an idea how to play these ships in future matches


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