Off Night Gaming – May 12, 2014

Tonight was another off night gaming night.  Our little group played three games (two twice).

The first game we played was Splendor. This game has the players trying to collect 15 prestige points.  They do this by collecting gems, buying developments, and gaining the favor of the nobles.  This is a simple game to explain, but not necessarily the easiest to master.  Splendor stands out because the pieces are very high quality.  It would have been easy for the game publisher, Space Cowboys, to go with simple cardboard icons representing the gems that the players need to collect.  Instead, these gems are represented by decent quality poker style chips.  The artwork on the development cards is beautiful, and keeps with the theme of the game.  We played the game twice, which worked all the new player bugs that most of us were experiencing.

Next on the agenda was 7 Wonders.  In this game, we are building a civilization, drafting cards through three ages and trying to gain victory points.  I enjoyed this game, particularly the planning your own civilization while trying to make sure you do better than your opponents.  The first game of this we place was the base game.  In the second game, we brought in a couple of the expansions, one of which (Leaders) added a new level of strategy as now players activated leaders each age to help their cause.

Finally, we played Elder Sign, a cooperative dice rolling game set in the Lovecraft/Cthulhu universe.  Players assume the role of investigators trying to keep one of the Elder Gods from awakening and destroying the world.  They do this my going to rooms in the world’s creepiest museum and rolling dice to meet the requirements on the room card.  Success brings treasures to help the investigators; failure brings loss of health, sanity, and the world one more step closer to the end.  This particular version also included the Unseen Forces expansion, which adds in a number of new elements.  The three of us played against Yig, probably the easiest of the Elder Things to defeat.  We actually got pretty lucky with out dice rolls, and Yig was defeated.


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