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This was a quick game project tonight inspired by Elder Sign.  The biggest problem with Elder Sign is that there are a lot of little pieces.  During the course of the game, these pieces (the primary ones representing players health, sanity and clues they collected) come and go.  All this is okay if you are playing on a decent table with enough space to deal with all of them.  But if you are playing in less than decent areas, these pieces can easily be misplaced and lost.

So, the easiest way of dealing with that is to eliminate the pieces.  That would mean a lot of scribbling on pieces of paper.

Or, it can mean using a score card like these:

2014-05-09 02.29.22

The cards were “assembled” in Fireworks and Paint Shop Pro.  The three tokens were scanned into the system and put together on a 3×5 work area.  I put on ten health and sanity figuring that the extras can be X’ed out.  I went with twenty clues, working on the assumption that they can be circled when collected.  I placed a line to write the investigator’s name along with a few flurishes to spruce it up then printed them four to a page.

Once printed, I cut them out and used self sealing laminating pouches for each card.  Due to my own lack of preparation (and my nervousness working with these pouches that I have never used before), I only had a pack of five to work with.  Surprisingly, the self sealing pouches worked quite well and I eventually had five finished.  Common dry erase markers will write on these cards, allowing for tons of reuse.

Now, they only thing I would change is possibly making the cards larger.  I created them to be 3×5, or your standard index card.  I think looking at these cards, I might have gone 4×6 instead.  Still, the cards add a nice touch to the game.

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