Picks of the Week – May 7, 2014

It is amazing how much May packs into the first two weeks of the month.  There’s Free Comic Book Day on the 3rd, Star Wars Day on the 4th, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day on the 11th.  Still we are able to sneak in some new titles in all of that.


Batman Eternal #5 (DC Comics) – The troubles of Jim Gordon takes a back seat this issue as we turn our attention to Red Robin and Harper Row.  What is the digital menace that Red Robin is facing against, and what has it done to Harper Row’s brother?

The New 52: Future’s End (DC Comics) – Terry McGinness, the Batman of Batman Beyond, has lept back in time and finds himself five years into the future of the New 52 universe.  Has he jumped back far enough to stop the robotic menace revealed in the Free Comic Book Day 0 issue?

Green Lantern #31 (DC Comics) – In this first part of the next GL story line, Uprising, the Lanterns find themselves against a fleet assembled by the Khunds.  It would naturally be the worst time for the Durlan infiltrators in the Corps to strike.

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