Off Night Gaming – May 5, 2014

While many were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I opted for something else, a little off night gaming.

I call it off night gaming because it was on a Monday, which, due to my current work schedule, is my Sunday.  Usually, I spend Sundays (my Saturdays… don’t put much thought into it, it will give you a headache) participating in X-Wing matches.  This weekend was my dad’s birthday, so I really could not duck out and get in a match.  Thus, I opted to try and gather some people at my friendly local game shop to play a few games (that did not involve an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter).

Fortunately, I found a couple of like minded people who were willing to meet up and play a few games.

The first game we played was Star Realms.  Star Realms is a 2 player compact sci-fi deck builder.  I say compact because the full game is contained within one small box at a pretty small price (the game is listed on at $14.95).  Star Realms maintains the standard deck building rules (start with a simple ten card deck and build it up by buying new cards from a central area) with an added element of player versus player combat.  The game even includes a number of scoring cards which allow players to keep track of how well (or how poor) they are doing, a unique element to this game which actually works quite well.  We played two games, switching players out since there were three of us and Star Realms only plays two unless you buy a second deck.

Next, we played Gravwell.  I have played Gravwell before as a solo game, so this was the first time I would be playing against other people, and the first time out of my usual lunchtime gaming group of explaining a game to other people.  Thankfully, Gravwell is easy to pick up, and though some felt the end was anti-climactic (you escape, that’s pretty much it), we did enjoy it.  We even thought of a variant where players are working together as teams to free both their ships from the singularity,  This variant is meant for four players.

Next up was Krosmaster: Arena.  I have seen the game in the shop, but really did not know much about it.  Krosmaster: Arena is a board game which pits players against each other to find out who is the ultimate winner.  Think Battle Royale, except a bit more fantastic.  The game itself is a convergence of board game, online game, and collectible game.  I found the game interesting (we played a simplified version of it), but I am not sure if it is a game that I would get into.  I really am not looking for another game which involves collecting items, especially when the base game is roughly $55 and the expansions are $20.  I already have X-Wing for that.

Finally, we wrapped up with a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  I have played Sentinels before, 2 games on TableTop Day and really enjoyed the comic themed card game.  This time around, I took the role of Legacy, who is a bit of a mix of power and support to compliment the other players Haka (a lot of damage dealing) and Tachyon (a speedster who drew cards and did some damage).  Unfortunately, we ran into problems when the villain was able to get out a number of cards that did accumulating damage and we lost this battle.

Still, I and the other people there had fun and I would love to do it again.  Maybe this will get me to read up on the rules for Core Worlds and Arctic Scavengers so that I can explain those two deck builders to players the next time we play.


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