X-Wing Weekend

Another Sunday, and another few games of X-Wing.

2014-04-13 14.42.16I’ve been experimenting with ship combinations.  This time out, I played a squad consisting of two TIE bombers and a Firespray, otherwise known as Slave 1.

This particular squad is designed to be annoying.  the TIE bombers are equipped with cluster missiles, photon torpedoes and seismic charges.  The Firespray is just as annoying.  In addition to cluster missiles, it is armed with an ion cannon which can slow smaller ships down to a crawl, anti-pursuit lasers, which fire when a ship completes an action that would overlap the Slave 1’s base, and a proximity mine, which can limit the flight plans of the opponent.  To make things that much more annoying, the ship also has a rebel captive on it, which stresses the first ship that declares an attack on the ship.

I played two games with this squad.  I won the first game with some lucky dice rolls with the secondary weapons.  The second game was not quite so fortunate.  My Firespray got taken out before it would do any real damage, and the rest did not go much better.

After a break and a game of Stone Age, I switched sides, playing a three X-Wing and a HWK-290.  This game was more of a tutorial for a newer player who was looking to learn more about the game, which is why I played the HWK-290.  To be honest, I have never been impressed with this particular ship.  It just seems weak against the other ships in all aspects of the game.  Still, I wanted to see if adding in a few upgrades would help make it worth while.  It did okay, but it still had some limitations.  I’m not so sure if i picked the right upgrades for the ship, but it seemed to be slightly better than I had expected.  Still, it is slow, and all the upgrades make it a big target.


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