X-Wing Tuckboxes

As you may have noticed from my blog, I’ve been getting into the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game a lot lately.  And, I have collected a few ships for my collection.

The problem I run into is organization.  Now, the ships themselves are pretty well organized, split up my the squads that those ships are in.  The problems come with the extras.  Each ship comes with multiple pilot cards representing the possible pilots that could be flying a particular ship.  At any given time, only one pilot can be flying a ship.  In addition, each ship comes with a multitude of “upgrade” cards that can augment the pilot or the ship.  Not all of these cards can be used at once.

So, what to do with the extras?

Second Place Loot

Second Place Loot

In the last tournament I was in, I managed to come in second place, winning me a neat card box from Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of X-Wing.  It’s a pretty decent box, and can hold all the extra cards that I have.  The only drawback is that all the cards are pretty much in the box… together.  That makes it hard to search through the cards to find the one that you are looking for should you need an upgrade or a new pilot.

Now, I could have created some sort of dividers for the cards which would identify each type.  However, I decided to go a different route.

Card Box of Tuckboxes

Card Box of Tuckboxes

Through a website, I was able to create tuckboxes for the various cards in my collection.  The website takes your artwork and generates a PDF of the box to the specifications you need.  Each tuckbox PDF can then be printed on cardboard, cut out and hand glued together.  The cardboard can be found at any stationary store.

2014-04-09 01.28.09With this site, I was able to create boxes for my damage cards, my pilots for both sides, and the various upgrades available.  Some were combined because of the small about I had of them, but they are combined with a sense of logic (weapons in one box, ship upgrades in another, and so on).  And each box still fits in the Fantasy Flight box I won at the tournament.

The website can also create other tuckboxes for other games.  All you need to do is get the measurements and create the box for what you need.


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