International TableTop Day – Extended

We informally extended International TableTop Day Sunday with a couple of games of Star Wars X-Wing.  It was very informal, mostly to test out a couple of squads that I had built to see how they played.  Both squads lost, but I was able to get an idea how to possibly tweak one and to play the other.

I also finally got to play a game of Nightfall as well.

I also made an interesting observation as well that’s totally unrelated to games.

As I mentioned before, the Time Machine has a large train layout that they run on certain Sundays of the month.  This happen to be one of those Sundays.  I am not into the model train hobby that much, but checking out their layout is quite impressive.

As I was killing a little time checking it out again, I noticed something.  Well, actually two things.  The first was that someone but a Godzilla figure in one of the areas for some reason.  The other was one of the buildings in the layout.

2014-04-06 14.37.27

Okay, so it looks like any normal factory type building.  It had been there for a while and I had never noticed it.  At least, I had never noticed how familiar it looked.

2014-04-06 14.40.13

It would appear that the Time Machine is located in the same building that is in the train layout.  It makes sense now that I put it all together.  Parts of the layout are based off real locations.  The area that the model is in is Manchester, which happens to he the same town the hobby shop is located in.


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