International TableTop Day

International TableTop Day is this Saturday.  The concept was created to bring a greater awareness of board and card games and spearheaded by Wil Wheaton, the host of the YouTube show TableTop.  Consider it similar to Free Comic Book Day, only for board games, and no free stuff (mostly).

This year, I plan on taking part in the festivities.  I even took the day off from work to maximize my game playing experience.  There are a number of places that are having events.  I plan on attending the events held at The Portal in Manchester, CT.

Now, there are some out there who wonder why I would even want to participate in such an event.

It’s Fun

Playing board games and card games is fun.  I enjoy playing them over video games lately because most video games you play through and you are done.  That’s it.  Maybe there is a harder level, but it is usually a bit easier because, well, you already played through the game once already.

Board games offer more variation on the game.  You can play most of them over and over and have a different result each time.  Take a game like Elder Sign.  Even if you play the same villain each time, your game experience changes because the rooms you explore are different, or the character you pick is different, or the dice roll is in your favor (or worse, against you).  This is not even factoring in the expansion for the game that exists

There Are A Lot Of Games I Want To Try

I have played a lot of games, but there are so many more that I want to try out.  I have not been able to try these games out because of various reasons.  Either I did not have the time to play them.  Or, I did not have the right number of people to play it right.  An event like this allows me to try out those games I wanted to try, and even expose me to new games I might never have considered trying out.

It’s Social

Board gaming is a social activity.  Sure, there are some games out there that can be played solo.  But, board and card games are meant to be played with other people.  And while I have played some games with coworkers, I have not been able to play all the games I would like in a social setting.  Games like Settlers of Catan or Last Night on Earth play best with two or more people.  And at an event like International TableTop Day, you get the chance to meet new people who may also want to play these games.  Meeting new people leads to the potential of making new friends.  And this is made easier by the fact there is the common ground of wanting to play a game where zombies try to eat players who are trying to simply survive and escape.

Bonus Stuff

I mentioned earlier that this day was a lot like Free Comic Book Day without the free stuff.  That is not exactly true.  Many game shops are taking the opportunity to make this an event in their stores.  There are tournaments for some games, and demos of other games.  Promotional material is available, along with other free stuff and prizes.

But, it becomes more than just an event to play games.  The shop I’m going to is actually running a gaming marathon that day for charity.  Donations for the local children’s hospital will be taken as players engage in twenty-four hours of gaming.  The shop is also planning on donating 10% of all board game purchases that day to the cause.  So, not only are you having fun and meeting new people, you can actually help out a good cause as well.

If you want to find out more about International TableTop Day, or find an event in your area, visit their website.


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