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Quote of the Day – April 30, 2014

Ready are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained. A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless.

Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz)

The Empire Strikes Back

Appropriate Games

X-Wing Weekend

I managed to get in two games of Star Wars X-Wing this Sunday.  I was playing against a newer player, so it was almost educational as well as entertaining.

I fielded two different squads.  The first was my Millennium Squad.  The other was my Fett’s Raiders, made of Boba Fett, a Scimitar Squadron TIE Bomber and two Academy Pilots in TIE Fighters.  It was an opportunity to try out some new maneuvers, especially with the Fett’s Raiders.  The second of the two battles used custom made “containers” instead of the usual obstacles.  The containers were constructed by our league organizer, Jon, for use with a scenario he is working on.

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Saturday Songs – April 26, 2014

This week’s choice may seem a little premature, given that a week from Sunday is May the Fourth (be with you).  But it seemed appropriate given recent developments in the Star Wars Universe, and more specific, the expanded universe.

For those who may not know, the Star Wars expanded universe encompasses everything that was written outside of the six movies.  This includes comics from Marvel and Dark Horse as well a a multitude of books that have come out since Return of the Jedi.  At the time, these books continued the story began in the first trilogy and filled the void for those of us who clamored for more Star Wars (myself included).  While not everything was great, there was a lot of wonderful material that came from those books.  The expanded universe was not considered official canon, but with so much of it being of high quality, a lot of fans accepted it as unofficial canon.

Now, with Disney working on returning Star Wars to the silver screen with Episode VII, it would seem that the expanded universe is being set aside.  Granted, I understand that with the new movies continuing the story from Return of the Jedi some of the expanded universe really could not connect with what is to come.  Still, it’s right to see books like Heir to the Empire (the first of the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn) or comics like Dark Empire fall by the wayside for what we can only hope will be worthy successors.  And I really mean hope since Episodes 1-2 disappointed me so much (I still have yet to see Episode 3).

Still, we can hope that some of the expanded universe may still be accepted as canon.  I mean, given that the next trilogy is set 35 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, there is still a lot of “wiggle room” for some of what we have seen come before to continue to be.

At least, we can still hope.

In the meantime, here is a performance of the Imperial March.

One or Two

Recently, someone suggested that I consider splitting my blog, with one blog focusing on the gaming stuff that has been in the forefront of my interest lately, and one for the rest of my interests.  Once, I would have dismissed this idea.  I have had in the past tried to maintain three blogs at once without much success.  But, I have to admit that I am considering this.  This is mostly because I have been all over the place with this blog in the past, and not been all that successful at maintaining it lately (as seen by the number of “no blog post tonight” posts.

Now, most likely, if I were to do this, it would mean that I would not be posting on this blog on a regular basis anymore.  There is not guarantee that I would be posting on the other site a lot either, but at least it would be more consistent with a theme.  And maybe this blog would not be all over the place either.

So, what do you think?  Should I just keep everything here on one blog?  Or should I split off the game stuff to a new blog, maintaining a consistent theme at the cost of regular posts on either blog?  Please let me know what you think by replying to this blog.

Thank you.

Picks of the Week – April 23, 2014

April is starting to draw to a close.  The Easter Bunny has made his rounds, and now it’s time for some new comics.


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I have spent much of the weekend trying to perfect my ability to work with foam core boards in an attempt to make box inserts for some of the games I have in my collection.

The only thing I have managed to figure out is that I may actually be getting worse at working with the material.

Tuck Boxes

As I mentioned before, I’ve been creating tuck boxes for some of the games that I have.  The tuck boxes make it easier to keep the cards together, especially when the game has a large box.  While some tuck boxes I printed from versions created by other people and posted on (like the boxes used for the Robinson Crusoe game).  Other boxes I created myself.

The two easiest ways of designing a tuck box are to use one of two programs.  The first is the website Tuck Box Generator.  The drawback of this web based app is that the graphics are limited to jpeg format, which means you will have to convert any graphic you want to use prior to importing it.  But, the website will generate any size box which can be directly printed from the site, or saved as a PDF file.  If you do use this program, be careful to make sure you do not have size to fit selected when you print, or your boxes will be too small.

The other way of creating tuck boxes is to use TuckBoxMaker, a downloadable program.  The big limitation of this program is that it will not create a box smaller than 20mm depth.

2014-04-21 01.08.57Once you create your box, you will need to print it.  I find that printable card stock works very well for these boxes.  Just remember to make sure your printer settings are appropriate for the box you are printing (portrait/landscape, resizing turned off, etc).  For the purpose of this demonstration, I’m creating a play deck for the Call of Cthulhu loving card game.

2014-04-21 01.09.11Once the box pattern is printed, you will need to cut it out of the page.  I use a metal ruler and a small utility knife and a cutting board.  You can also use scissors, and I sometimes will around corners.

2014-04-21 01.09.38Once I finish cutting out the box, I will score the folds.  I find it easier to fold the box into shape if I go over where the box is going to fold before trying to fold the box.  I simply use a ruler and a ball point pen and just go over the edges.  I have to admit that I would prefer to use a dry ball point pen since that will not leave any ink marks on the boxes.

2014-04-21 01.10.39Once scored, I will make all the folds that I need to make, bringing the box into shape.  Once it is folded into place, I will glue the flaps together.  I do not use any elaborate glue process for this, just a simple glue stick.  I apply the glue to all the bottom and side white flaps and put the box together.  Once everything is in shape, I will use a ruler, tapping down the bottom to make sure everything is glued, and sliding the ruler along the side as well.

2014-04-21 01.12.05At that point, I simply let the glue to dry, then put the cards into the box and close it up.

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