X-Wing Weekend – Featured Squad

Last week, I featured one of two squads that I played in tournaments.  This week is the other squad.

2014-03-30 15.31.19Improved Rogue Squad is a tweak to a version I had created before.  To be honest, I am really not sure what the tweak was, though I think it may have been swapping a B-Wing for an A-Wing.

The squad centers around one named pilot, Wedge Antilles in the X-Wing.  Fans of Star Wars will remember that Wedge is one of a handful of pilots who managed to survive all three movie battles and goes by the call sign Rogue Leader (hence the squad name).  Wedge is a powerful card to have on a squad since his ability is to reduce a defending ship’s agility value by 1.  This ability cannot reduce a ship’s agility lower than 0, but it is still a powerful ability.  In one session, I had Wedge going against a Lambda shuttle at close range.  At close range, ships get an extra attack die against their target.  So, Wedge was rolling four dice against the Lambda’s one… make that none because of Wedge’s ability.  On a lucky roll, Wedge rolled two hits and two critical hits, which battered the shuttle.

Added to Wedge’s ability are three upgrades.  The first is a shield upgrade, adding an extra shield to the X-Wing for a little extra defense.  Also added was R5-K6, which allows Wedge to reestablish a target lock after one is used if he rolls right.  But the real key to Wedge in this squad is a Marksmanship upgrade.  Marksmanship allows you to change one focus result to a hit and another focus result to a critical hit.  Going up against TIE Fighters – which generally have no shields – Wedge with Marksmanship can be a ship destroyer.

2014-03-30 15.31.13The remaining ships are not named ships, but one of them has a couple of aces up its sleeve.  The Y-Wing is a simple Gold Squadron Pilot.  But, he has a few upgrades to take advantage of.  Like Wedge, the Y-Wing has a shield upgrade, boosting his defense.  An added R2 Astromech turns all 1 and 2 speed maneuvers into green maneuvers.  This is very helpful in keeping a ship from becoming stressed.  But the key weapon of the Y-Wing is its secondary weapon, an Ion Cannon Turret.  The turret does not have the restriction of a firing arc, so it can shoot 360 degrees like the YT-1300s.  But the real key to the turret is that a hit on a target ship will deal one damage and an ion token, pretty much shutting down a ship for the next turn.

2014-03-30 15.31.25The last two ships in the squad are Prototype Pilot A-Wings.  These are the base pilots available for the A-Wings and the cheapest to pick up as well.  These two ships are in the squad to speed in and attack enemy formations, hopefully breaking apart any formations so that Wedge can get in close and hammer them with his ability while the Y-Wing uses the Ion Cannon Turret to slow them down (and maybe drift one into an asteroid or two if possible.



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