X-Wing Weekend – Featured Squadrons

I had intended this to be an X-Wing weekend.  I was all set to try out some new squads and see how they play.

Sadly, it turned out that I was the only one who showed up.

Thus, instead of the usual status report on how I did in the heat of battle, I am featuring one of my squads.  Since I have nine to feature, I can make this work for a while.

2014-03-23 19.18.17Millennium Squad

Millennium Squad is so named because it features two YT-1300 ships, otherwise known as The Millennium Falcon.  Really, only one of the two ships is actually named The Millennium Falcon, but the other is the same make and model as that one.  The squad is a three ship build.  In addition to the two YT-1300s, there is also a B-Wing in the squad.

This squad also features two named pilots, one very familiar to anyone who has seen the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Chewbacca commands one of the two YT-1300s.  Chewbacca is a nice pilot to have on a squad because of his special ability.  As X-Wing players know, ships can take two types of damage: standard hits and critical hits.  Once shields are depleted, a critical hit will do special damage.  This can be something as simple as a more damage, or it can affect the pilot, the ship’s agility, or the ship’s weapons.  Chewbacca’s special ability is that he ignores all critical damage, treating it like normal damage.

2014-03-23 19.18.09Added to Chewbacca’s pilot ability are a few extra modifications.  First I gave him Veterans’ Instincts, which boost his pilot ability by 2.  Also added is the actual title card The Millennium Falcon, which gives the YT-1300 an added ability: an evade action.  Finally, the Nien Numb crew card turns all straight maneuvers into green maneuvers, which will help relieve stress on the ship.

The other named pilot is the B-Wing pilot, Ibtisam.  Ibstisam has the ability to reroll 1 die if under stress.  While a ship under stress cannot take any actions, so this ability gives players a little extra leeway on maneuvers.

The third pilot, for the second YT-1300, is the Outer Rim Smuggler.  This is the lowest option for YT-1300 pilots (the others being Lando Calissian and Han Solo).  The drawback to the smuggler is that his YT-1300 is not quite as good as Chewbacca’s and the others, so he has lower stats.  Still, even with 2 attack, 4 shields and 6 hull, it is a ship that can take some damage before being destroyed.

2 YT-1300 passing

2 YT-1300 passing

The real advantage of the YT-1300s is not that they can take a lot of punishment, because the B-Wings can as well.  The advantage the YT-1300s have is that they are the only ship for the X-Wing miniatures game that has a primary weapon that fires in a 360 degree arc.  When nearly all the other ships have forward firing arcs (the Imperial ship Firespray-31, or Slave 1, has a forward and reverse firing arc), The YT-1300s can fire in any direction.  Yes, some of the ships can be equipped with turrets, but these are generally secondary weapons with high costs and a lot of limitations.

2014-03-09 17.08.20

Taking advantage of a 360 degree firing arc

This particular squad has been tournament tested, scoring two wins and a loss to pull into second place.


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