Picking What Gets Pared

Over the last couple of weeks, I have mentioned that I have been looking to pare down the number of comics I get.  I figured I should cover how I am going to go about this.

Bad Story

Now, when I say bad story, I am not basing it on one terribly written issue.  Well, it could be if that issue is really badly written.  For that to happen, the issue’s story has to be really bad, horribly insulting, and just plain out of character.

Rather, in this case, I refer to books that have on a monthly basis failed to thrill me.  They are not necessarily bad stories, just bad for me.  These stories just do not thrill me enough to want to pick up the book on a regular basis.  And, it seems wasteful to pick up a book month after month that has failed to interest me on the hope that one day it will.  These books had their chance, now that chance is done.

Bad Artwork

Sometimes, good artwork can make me hang with a title even when the story is mediocre.  Likewise, a great story will make me power through bad artwork.  But, there are just some artists whose style I just cannot stand.  Just hearing that any of these artists are on a book will make me drop it faster than a hot potato.

Granted, there are those out there who love the artwork of these artists who I really do not wish to name, mostly because while I hate their style, I believe that they are not all that bad of a person (except one, but I won’t name him either).


Having been a collector in the 1990s, I am well aware of the stunts that publishers will do to make people buy their books.  I know one publisher who had no less than three special covers in four months on one book during this era.  Since that era, I have grown up some, and grown to dislike stunts even more.

Unfortunately, there are still some publishers who seemed completely enamored with stunts even now.  Event books with weak stories, deaths of the month (followed by the resurrection of the deceased two months later), and crossovers with books that I have no interest in picking up, all of these stunts are still in effect.  There is even one publisher who has even admitted they cancel books and restart them as number 1s over and over because they know people will buy those books.  Somehow, stunts have once again replaced good writing and good artwork in comics, and so, many of these titles will be dropped… if I haven’t dropped them already.

Seen It Before

Repeating story lines and story concepts are a major turn off for me.  It gets tiring to see the same old hero versus hero battle usually ending with one member dying briefly and another being led off in handcuffs over and over and over yet again.  The same goes for “event” books which occur in an alternate timeline since it allows for the publishers to cop out and reset the world to the way it was without any ramifications from the event.

This also refers to new events that seem to mirror what other publishers have done.  Usually, these “events” try to capture what made those events so great, but fall well short.


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