X-Wing Fun

This weekend, prior to the Star Wars X-Wing tournament, I picked up a little fun item to add a little extra to my casual X-Wing games.

Star Wars X-Wing base set asteroids

Star Wars X-Wing base set asteroids

For tournament play, asteroids are added as obstacles on the playing field.  These asteroids come with the base set and are basic cardboard punch outs.

While for tournament play, they are all fine and dandy, they do lack a little something for casual play.

2014-03-12 01.28.52Fortunately, there are three dimensional asteroids available through Gale Force Nine‘s Battlefield in a Box line.  These asteroids are made for any space combat game.  While they are not tournament legal, they add a little something extra for casual play, whether that be X-Wing, or Star Trek: Attack Wing.

2014-03-12 01.30.19The set comes with 8 total asteroids (only six would be used in an X-Wing match).  Five of the pieces sit flat on the playing field.  These pieces are actually pretty close to the cardboard set that does come with the X-Wing base set, thus can be placed on the field over their cardboard counterparts.

2014-03-12 01.30.28Three more asteroids in this set are designed to sit on posts, allowing for those three to appear to “float” above the field.  Posts and bases are included for these three, but they can be placed on the field just like their flat bottomed counterparts.  When you use these for X-Wing to replace (or augment) the cardboard versions, one of the will have to be used… that is if you don’t use all of them since they do look cool on the bases.

2014-03-12 01.29.26Again, I do have to repeat, these are (as far as I know) not tournament legal.  But, they do look pretty spiffy when used with the Star Wars ships.  In my next casual game, I do look forward to using these on the field.

Gale Force Nine, in addition to a number of World War 2 and Fantasy terrain items, also offers mats in a number of styles that can be used for any space combat game.


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