Sunday X-Wing – Tournament Edition

This week was my first official store tournament at the Time Machine in Manchester, CT (well, their gaming center known as The Portal).  I have been playing for a few months now, with most of my squads being sort of hit and miss in play.  In the last “tournament” I competed in, I played an X-Wing/A-Wing/Y-Wing squad which did okay with one win and one loss (I took second place because I had a second round bye, thus giving me a modified win).  This time, I did not know which squad I should play: the battle tested squad titled Improved Rogue Squad, or the new squad I had been trying out called Millenniun Squad, thus named because it has two Millennium Falcon style ships in it.

2 YT-1300 passing

2 YT-1300 passing

I went with the Millennium Squad.

(Warning: some of the following is interesting only to X-Wing players)

Officially, the Millennium Squad is made of three ships.  The first YT-1300 is Chewbacca with three modifications: Veteran Instincts (which boosts his skill level from 5 to 7), Nien Numb (co-pilot, which makes all straight maneuvers green meneuvers), and Millennium Falcon (the actual title of the ship, which allows the ship to have an evade action).  The second ship is a level 1 Outer Rim Smuggler, and the third Ibtisam, a B-Wing with a level 6 skill.

2014-03-09 17.08.20To non-players, a lot of the above is gibberish.  What it boils down to is that the squad can take a lot of damage while dealing out a decent amount of damage.  Furthermore, the two YT-1300s (referred to from here on as Falcons) are the only ships in the game (thus far) that have a natural 360 degree firing arc which allows them to fire in any direction.

It turned out that this was a real good squad to play for this tournament.  The first game was against another rebel squad (tournaments allow for same faction combat) ended at time with a win.  My squad had not lost a ship.  The second match was a bit more challenging.  The B-Wing was destroyed, but the match ended with the two Falcons chasing down my opponent’s last TIE fighter.

This moved me into the third round with two wins, and placing me against the only other undefeated player in the 8 person tournment.  He was playing an 8 ship TIE Squadron.  It turned out that the numbers and the formation flying of my opponent was too much for my squadron.  I did manage to take out one TIE Fighter, but my squad did not last.

Second Place Loot

Second Place Loot

Still, it was one defeat.  One defeat and two victories, which put me presumably in second place.  Tallying up the numbers and the statistics, second place was locked.

Considering I did not expect to do any better than “participant,” I’ll take the second place with pride.  Plus, second place got me some prizes: an official Star Wars X-Wing card box, a cool looting range gauge, and a set of promotional Ten Numb B-Wing pilot cards.

I also got the chance to play a four person game of DC Comics Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite.  That game did not go well for me, but that was to be expected since I had never played it before… at least against actual people.


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