X-Wing Sunday – Special Edition

In January, I wrote about a project that one of the X-Wing players, Jon, has been working on for the past few months.  Sunday, we got to play test the scenario once again before it’s convention debut in two weeks.

The scenario is a recreation of the second Death Star battle.  The layout, consisting on a Death Star surface and interior tunnels running to the central core, is a staggering 18 feet long.

The layout is staggering, and fantastic.  Jon did a lot of detail work on the surface and creating turrets for the rebels to evade or destroy.  And, just as the second Death Star was under construction in Return of the Jedi, this Death Star has the look of being under construction as well.

This layout also gave me an excellent surface backdrop to model the two B-Wings that I had modified earlier this weekend.

I have to admit that the rebels probably would have done a bit better if I had played my Millennium Falcon ships a bit better.  But, I had a decent plan for the B-Wings which managed to slow down the scenario.

This play test of the Jon’s scenario ran us close to four hours.  Sadly, the rebels did not manage to win the day this time.

The slide show that follows are pictures of this layout, along with a few of my modified B-Wings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. Amazing! Tell your friend I said he did a spectacular job.

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