Project B-Wing

I saw this modification on the Google+ Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures group and really wanted to try it out.



The B-Wing miniature does not have a lot of maneuverability, but it makes up for it with a lot of fire power and armor.  In essence, it is a mini-tank.  I have seen a lot of people take these ships into simulated combat, and victory.

The problem with the ship is that in the movie, the B-Wing has a rotating cockpit, allowing it to fly in a number of positions.  This one model represents only one of the numerous ways it flies into combat.

So, how best to so all these options?  Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of the miniatures game, could offer multiple versions of this one ship.  But that, while cool, would be a bit impractical for them.  I’m not saying that it could not happen, but it would be highly unlikely.

Which leaves another option: modifying the models.  Like I said, I have seen a few people online do this and thought I would try it out myself.

I would probably mention that I am not the most skilled at things like this.  Actually, that’s kind of understating it.  I really am not skilled at all with doing things like this… at all.  Still, I decided to try it anyway.  I figured if I messed it up, I’ll just buy another and use what I did not mess up for extra parts.  You can always use extra parts.

The first thing I did was buy the right tools for the job.  In this case, the right tools were a decent model knife and super glue.  Next I made sure I had a B-Wing to modify, or rather, an extra B-Wing to modify.  In this case, I bought two of them… just in case.  It brought my total to three, but one of them I was not going to touch, again, just in case.

2014-03-01 03.59.12First, I decided that the best thing to start with is the post.  For the B-Wing, that post is a small elbow that connects to the base through two pegs.  Carefully, I used the knife to cut this post from the ship.  I placed the elbow onto one of the pegs and used the super glue to reattach it to the ship in the position I wanted.  I gave the glue a moment to set and allowed the peg to rest on the base of the ship while sitting in its packaging.  It turned out that it was not all that difficult to do.

Then I got greedy.  I decided to reposition the cockpit.  This was not the easiest to do, since the plastic is pretty solid at that point.  Carefully, I worked the hobby knife against the cockpit, slowly cutting through the plastic until it finally severed.

And flew across the desk… somewhere.  And, in the search for it, I knocked the elbow off the ship.

Oh well.

2014-03-01 04.33.00So I started over with the second ship.  This time, I started with the cockpit.  Carefully, I cut once again, even more carefully than before.  After all, I did not want to lose this one, too.  Even though the cockpit went flying again, I was able to find it this time.  It turned out that repositioning the cockpit was the easiest thing to do.  The solid plastic made gluing the piece back on pretty easy.  And since I wad doing this on the first B-Wing (the one that I lost), it kept the mess to a minimum, kind of.

Once I was sure that the cockpit was set, or at least set enough to continue, I reglued the elbow onto the ship.  And once again, I used the base to keep it in place while it sets.

2014-03-01 04.33.12Then I found the first cockpit.  That’s when I figured what the Hell, and started to work on the second B-Wing.  I glued the cockpit in place and considered the elbow on this ship.  Surprisingly, I was able to cut it enough to keep it attached to the ship while being able to give it a twist.  Still, I used a little super glue to make sure the elbow remained in place, and used the pegs and base to keep it steady.

2014-03-01 04.34.40Once the glue had set enough, I had to take one quick picture to show off the end result before returning them to set for the day.  I do have to say that they came out pretty well considering I’m not the best at such things.  I even somehow managed to not glue myself to anything, either.

I would not say they are perfect, but they do look quite cool.


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