3 Reasons Why I’ll Probably See Godzilla

In the past week, the new trailer for the newest Godzilla movie premiered, and it has me quite excited.

There are three big reasons why I’ll probably go see this movie.

1) It’s Godzilla

Godzilla movies are my guilty pleasure.  I have seen almost all of the Toho movies, many multiple times.  I still love to watch Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla: Final Wars.  They are not good movies, but they are quite fun.

2) It’s Not That Godzilla

In seeing a lot of Godzilla movies, I have, sadly, also seen the Sony Godzilla movie that came out in the 1990s.  It was… well, it was not what I had hoped.  Godzilla did not look anything like the Godzilla I grew up with, and it seemed to waffle between bad horror and bad comedy.

At least they did pay homage to the Gojira/Godzilla naming… though it was in passing.

3) It Feels Like The Original Godzilla Movie

There are not a lot of people who have seen the original Godzilla movie.  I do not mean the American release that has Raymond Burr cut into it as reporter Steve Martin (yes, that’s right, Steve Martin), but the original Japanese film.  I have, even watched it with subtitles.  Yes, it is still a guy in a rubber monster suit as Godzilla.  But the movie is so much more, exploring a nation’s fear of the nightmare unleashed with the harnessing of the atom.

From what I’ve seen in the new trailer, this new version of the film has that same feel to it, a darker film more in line with the original Godzilla than the movies that have followed.

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  1. I have seen and own the original Godzilla (Gojira) and I love it. Yes, I watched with sub-titles.

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