5 Games I Still Want To Buy… And Play

2014-02-26 00.52.59I have been building my game collection for the past year or so.  I have picked up card games and board games.  Some have been games that allow for solo play, others I’ve played with friends and in groups.  And some of them still wait for their turn to be played… whenever that may be.

In spite of everything I have picked up already, there are still some games that I want to buy for my collection with the intention of playing them at some point.

Here are five of them.

Courtesy: Firesidegames.com

Courtesy: Firesidegames.com

Dead Panic

Dead Panic is a variant of Castle Panic.  In Castle Panic, you are defending your castle against an advancing army of orcs, goblins and ogres.

Dead Panic changes the theme to zombies.  Well, that’s not all it does.  In this version, your party has to leave the besieged cabin to find what they need to survive and escape.

I liked Castle Panic, which I have played solo and with friends.  There is a certain sense of accomplishment when you outlast the advancing horde, even if only one tower remains intact.  The added element of putting yourself in danger that Dead Panic adds looks like it could be very interesting.

Courtesy: machineofdeath.net

Courtesy: machineofdeath.net

Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination

I have talked about this game before, having played it one Sunday after my usual X-Wing session.  The game was deviously clever, incredibly clever, and I loved the whole race against time to complete your mission.  When this game finally reaches mass distribution, I am definitely going to pick this one up.

The Resistance

The Resistance was featured on TableTop, Wil Wheaton’s Youtube show about games.  Played with 5 or more people, the goal of resistance is to complete a number of missions.  However, two traitors are in your group, and they will work to not only make the missions fail, but to throw suspicion on the loyal members of your resistance cell.  It is a game of betrayal, and almost certainly, you will be betrayed in this game.

I have picked up a variant of The Resistance, that being The Resistance: Avalon.  As you can probably tell, it is an Arthurian variant of the game.  But, I still want to pick up the original to have in my collections, and hopefully play it as well.

Courtesy: Wizards.com

Courtesy: Wizards.com

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Another TableTop featured game, Betrayal at House on the Hill sets of the players as explorers of the mysterious house, trying to uncover its secrets.  However, at some point, one of the players will be revealed as a traitor, changing the game from exploration to prevention.

Betrayal at House of the Hill definitely requires at least three people to play, though I get the feeling that four or five would be the best number to play with.  The big problem I have with the game is that copies are so rare that I have seen them priced at $300 or more.  I want to play the game, but I am not sure if I want to play that much for the game.

Maybe if there is a new edition out.

Courtesy: Fantasyflightgmes.com

Courtesy: Fantasyflightgmes.com

Eldritch Horror: Foresaken Lore

This one is not really a stand alone game, but an expansion for Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror, one of the company’s many Cthulhu based board games.  Eldritch Horror plays similarly to Arkham Horror, but on a much more streamlined (and more global) level.  I have even heard some game reviewers say they are keeping Eldritch Horror in their collection and allowing Arkham Horror to be sold or traded away.

Forsaken Lore is an expansion for Eldritch Horror, adding new monsters, cards and the elder horror Yig to the Eldritch Horror base game.  Knowing that Arkham Horror had a number of expansions, it is almost certain that this will be only the first of many expansions for Eldritch Horror.

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