5 Very Annoying Fluxx Cards

I have played Fluxx a lot.  Not just the main game, but many of the variants as well.  I like the game because it is unpredictable (which many people who don’t like Fluxx cite as a reason).  Games played end up being pretty fun (mostly).  It doesn’t hurt that the game is easily tossed into a book bag, travels well, and is pretty easy to pick up.

There are, however, a few cards that make me cringe when I see them come into play.

2014-02-24 01.06.30Brain Transference (Star Fluxx)

I hate this action card because it forces you to physically switch seats during the game.  Not just exchange hands or exchange keepers, but you actually have to get up and change seats.  Given that often I’m playing this while multi-tasking (and, thus, can’t move), this card is a royal pain in the butt.

We actually now just leave the card out of the deck when we start a Star Fluxx game.

2014-02-24 01.07.55Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature (Star Fluxx)

Yes, the cute little puffball creature with the big eyes is cute, and sure I would love to have him as a pet.  But, the CFAC is one of those keepers in Star Fluxx with a special ability.  That ability is that it changes owners at the end of your turn.  So, it is constantly bouncing around the table.  Yeah, it’s cute… at first.  But what eventually happens is that we get tired of moving it, then we forget to move it, then we lose track of who was supposed to have it, and then someone misses that they should have won because it met one of the goal requirements and we forgot to move it (oops).

Now, when the CFAC shows up, we just toss it in the middle of the table and hope it never gets brain parasites.

2014-02-24 01.23.41Ungoals (Cthulhu Fluxx)

The concept of the ungoal was first introduced to my Fluxx cluster in Zombie Fluxx.  It was the nuclear option to ending the game, the “Oh yeah, well, no one wins, so there!” play that no one really ever considered playing.  And there was only one ungoal.

Cthulhu Fluxx (which is not high on my Fluxx play list mostly because of the whole doom/anti-doom counters on a lot of the cards) introduced not one, but four ungoals.  One is interesting.  Four, even in a Lovecraft based card game, feels like overkill.  Worse still, there are rule cards in the game that actually force you to play the ungoals.  It’s a card concept I can just do without.

Yeah I know it's sideways... that's just how annoying this card actually is

Yeah I know it’s sideways… that’s just how annoying this card actually is

The Golden Cap (Oz Fluxx)

I will be honest here: Oz Fluxx is the reason why I’m writing this particular post.  Oz Fluxx has so many weird actions and rules that I actually wanted to play Cthulhu Fluxx again.

The Golden Cap action card is the pinnacle of annoying cards in this set.  The big issue is that the card has you doing too much.  The first part of the action has you move the Flying Monkeys creeper to any player you choose.  Okay, fine, that’s doable.  If that creeper is not in play, you find it and you put it in play, shuffling the draw pile if that is where you had to find it.  Okay, it is a bit annoying to have to shuffle the deck again just to find one card.  Especially since whichever way you start your search, that card will 9 times out of 10 be at the opposite end.

But, the card goes further.  The player who played this card now has to draw three cards from the draw pile, discard two of them, and put the card he kept in his hand.  Why?  Even more to the point, why is this action even combined with the whole Flying Monkey search.  Is it something I missed in the books (which I never read… only saw the movie)?  Do the flying monkeys force Dorothy to pick three of her friends, then toss them aside like yesterday’s newspaper?  Or, is it just a card that tries to reach too far?

2014-02-24 01.48.59Flood (Eco Fluxx)

Flood is one of the few creepers in the Eco Fluxx game, the others being Forest Fire and Drought.  Very thematic, though they could have added a couple more creepers to the set.

Flood stands out because of how it plays.  Like CFAC from Star Fluxx, it changes owners at the end of the player’s turn.  Annoying, but acceptable for the theme.  After all, flood affect everyone, so having it impede each player on their turn kind of makes sense… kind of.  But, it’s what happens along its journey that makes it that much more annoying.  when this creeper reaches the player that drew it initially, it is discarded.  That’s right, instead of hanging around for a while to be a pain for everyone, it just goes away.  What is the point of the card other than to just extend the game for one more round?

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