Sunday Gaming

Sunday was the usual X-Wing day.  I played a squad made up of two Millennium Falcons and a B-Wing, the same squad that I played last week.  I played only one match.  Unfortunately, I lost this match going against a squad that had 2 X-Wings, a Millennium Falcon and a Moldy Crow.  I think I fell into the old ploy of focusing on what I thought were the most dangerous targets.  In this case, it was the Falcon with its 360 degree firing arc, and the Moldy Crow equipped with a turret and the ability to boost friendly ships to skill level 12.

I’m going to try the squad out once more, though I don’t think that I am going to field this squad in the tournament coming up in 2 weeks.

I also played a few games of Oz Fluxx.  This version is more family friendly than others (specificly Cthulhu Fluxx), but there are a lot of cards in it that are just really annoying (Green Spectacles being one of them).


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