Picks of the Week – February 12, 2014

Whether you are recovering from a cold or bracing for a big winter storm, nothing beats some new comics to help spend the time.

And since I am doing both here, this week’s picks will be pretty fast.


Batman #28 (DC Comics) – This issue jumps ahead to look at the world that will be Batman Eternal.  We see the Gotham of the near now.  What parts does Batman’s cast of regulars play in this new world?  And what part does Harper Row play?

X-Factor #3 (Marvel Comics) – The new corporate sponsored X-Factor goes up against one of Gambit’s own after their computers are breached.  What secret do they hold?  One note, if you do not want a giveaway as to who will be joining X-Factor next, do not read the preview page.

All-New X-Men #23 (Marvel Comics) – Jean Grey is being held by the Shi’ar Empire, being prepared to stand trial for crimes she has yet to commit as Phoenix.  Meanwhile, the rest of the team and the Guardians of the Galaxy race to rescue her, only to be needing rescuing by one very unexpected source.

Wolverine and the X-Men #41 (Marvel Comics) – An interesting story focusing on Toad of all people.  It is probably the one story that shows Toad as something more than a bumbling clown.


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