5 Games in My Collection I Haven’t Played Yet

In recent months, I’ve been picking up a lot of games.  Some of them I’ve had a chance to play.  Others… well, various limitations have prevented me from trying them out.

Here are five games I have acquired that I have yet to play but want to.

Courtesy: playunplugged.com

Courtesy: playunplugged.com

Sentinels of the Multiverse

This is a card game that has some of the elements of a deck builder and the elements of a role playing game.  Players assume the roles of superheroes teaming up to defeat a villain, hindered by the location they are in.  Each hero has their own deck to fight the villain, just as each villain has a deck to try and defeat the heroes.

The game itself is a multiplayer game, requiring at least two people to play it.  I have heard some people have solo played the game, taking on the role of two heroes.  I have not tried this, and think that it would be difficult to keep track of which hero’s turn is which, and which hero is the one that finally defeated the villain.

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com


I picked Dixit up because it was featured on TableTop.  The game is a creative exercise of description.  On their turn, each player picks one of the cards in their hand and says something that describes the card.  The other players then pick a card from their hands and places them in the middle of the table.  The cards are shuffled and then displayed for the players to vote.  If everyone picks the starting player’s card, he loses points, but if no one picks his card, he also loses points.

Dixit is a game that can only be played with a minimum of three people, though it plays well with four or more.  Thus, I have run into the same problem that I have with Sentinels of the Multiverse, not enough people to play.  And Dixit is not a game you can solo play.

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Mansions of Madness

Another Lovecraft inspired game from Fantasy Flight.  Mansions of Madness sends the players into an eerie mansion, forcing them to fight demons and solve puzzles to win the game… or be devoured by the ancients.

Mansions of Madness is specificly designed for two to five players, with one of the players controlling the game, setting it up based on one of a number of scenarios.  Given that this game pits the other players against him in a quest to solve the mystery means that you cannot solo play this game at all.  And given the extensive set up for the game, it is not one that leads itself to a little light gaming now and then.

Small World

Another game featured on TableTop.  Players assume the roles of different races, all trying to take control of the world represented by the game board.  The races also gain different abilities which will change from game to game.  The player with the most gold at the end of the game is the winner.

Small World is another board game that plays best with multiple people.  You can play two people, but it seems that it works better with more than that.  In fact, they have released a five to six player map that will allow for more players to play.  Again, a lot of little pieces do not make this a great game to try and play quickly.

Courtesy: www.gomediazine.com this was the safest pic of the game I could find

Courtesy: http://www.gomediazine.com
this was the safest pic of the game I could find

Cards Against Humanity

This notorious party game has become infamous as a raunchier version of Apples to Apples.  Players pick the best answer for a posed question from the cards in their hand.  It is certainly not a game for children, or for the easily offended.

In addition to the party nature of the game, requiring three or more players to participate.  The nature of the cards makes the game fall well within the Not Safe For Work category.  But, even though I have heard from many that the game gets old fast (unless you’re drunk), I still want to give it a go at least once.


Now, you may have noticed that some gaming mainstays like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan are not on this list.  I do have these games on my list, but did not include them because they have app versions that I can play on my iPod.  Thus, while I do want to play these games against other people, I do have a means of playing them, either against the computer, or against other players over the internet .

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