Picks of the Week – February 5, 2014

oh look, it's snowing... again

oh look, it’s snowing… again

Maybe you woke to find it snowing… again.  Maybe you didn’t.  Hopefully, if you did, it did not affect you so much you could not get out and get your new comics.  But, if it did, here are a few picks I have for your consideration.


Forever Evil #5 (DC Comics) – Battle lines are drawn as survivors Batman and Catwoman are forced to team up with Luthor and his renegade villains against the army of the Crime Syndicate as a member of the villains from a parallel Earth falls.  Plus, we get a teaser as to what caused the Syndicate to invade our Earth.

Swamp Thing #28 (DC Comics) – The Parliament of Trees has fallen, and Swamp Thing is the only avatar of the Green left on Earth.  But what will Swamp Thing do with three members of the Parliament now turned human?

Earth 2 #20 (DC Comics) – There is a problem with the heroes secret weapon against the Darkseid enthralled Superman.  Can our heroes help the new found Kryptonian before their world is destroyed?

Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics) – A lot has been made about this issue in the preceding months.  And, while I am not completely sold on the artwork, the story of Kamala Khan is actually quite interesting.  It will be interesting to see where Marvel goes with this book in the months to come.

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