Gaming Weekend – February 3, 2014

On this, the weekend of the big game (which, again, remains nameless… jut in case), it was not the gaming weekend I had wished for.

Saturday saw a mega game of Geek Out!  I say mega game because Geek Out! is normally played until one person has five points.  We just continued to play until we had to stop.  The final score turned out to be 19 to 8.

Sunday, the day of the big game, was a gaming dud.  I had hoped to get in a little X-Wing, and maybe play test the game I’ve been working on.  Unfortunately, illness and lack of participants shut that down.  Since I had no interest in the big game, I pretty much just played a few solo games.

Flash Point

Flash Point

I played two games of Flash Point over the weekend.  In Flash Point, players assume the roles of firefighters combating an inferno and rescuing victims.  Because of the cooperative nature of the game, it is pretty easy to play the game solo.  The first game I played did not go so well.  I failed to rescue four victims from the fire, so it was a loss.  the second game I played this weekend went a bit better, though it was right down to the wire with the rescues.

I think it was safe to say that the house was a total loss.



I also managed to solo play Pandemic, which can be played solo since it is a cooperative game.  Even playing my favorite combo (Medic, Quarantine specialist, Dispatcher, and Scientist), I lost on outbreaks, even though I managed to cure or wipe out three of the four diseases.  That was only playing with four epidemic cards in the deck, too.


Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories hit my table twice this weekend.  Unlike the previous two games, Ghost Stories is actually designed to play solo, though it can play up to four people.  The first game, like the first game of Flash Point, did not go well.  Ghosts managed to take over three village tiles, ending the game just before the big bad boss ghost was to show up.

The second game was played almost to avenge the first.  That one managed to go better, and the big bad boss ghost of that game was defeated.



Finally, I pulled out Gravwell once again.  I actually like playing this game, even if I tend to play it with all four ships active.  There is a lot of strategy involved since you need to know the best card to play at the right time.

I did manage to pick up a few new games this weekend.  Top on the list was finally picking up a copy of Card Against Humanity, which I have heard much about and wanted to have in my collection.  Also picked up this weekend was the card game Hanabi, the board game Last Night on Earth, the much searched for Hive, and a few micro-expansions to Sentinels of the Multiverse.

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