Picks of the Week – January 29, 2014

January is almost over.  The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and we will be awaiting what the Groundhog says we’re in for in a couple of days.

At least right now, we know we’re in for a few new comics.


Batman: The Dark Knight #27 (DC Comics) – This issue is a guilty pleasure for me because of the theme.  It is a silent issue, meaning there are only a couple of sound effects and no dialogue.  Yet, the whole story is conveyed through the artwork.  I say that silent issues are a guilty pleasure for me because I remember my first silent issue: G.I. Joe #21 from the original Marvel run.  Since, I have seen a lot of great silent stories, and a few bad ones.  While this issue probably won’t go down in the comic history books along with that famous G.I. Joe issue, it isn’t a bad story.

Adventures of Superman #9 (DC Comics) – This is a Bizarro centric issue.  The story begins with the typical Bizarro rampage which leaves Superman wondering how exactly to deal with Bizarro.  After all, how do you deal with an imperfect duplicate of yourself.  The solution leads to an interesting story in the same vein as Flowers For Algernon, from which this story takes its name.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (DC Comics) – Earth 2 began with the story of the fall of the trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman) defending their Earth against Darkseid.  Since, a mysterious Batman has returned.  Is this the original Batman?  Or is this someone assuming the mantle of the Dark Knight?  This issue tells the origin of the Batman from a surprising source.


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