Picks of the Week – January 15, 2014

At the midway point of the first month of the new year, we enter Wednesday with the anticipation of new books.  Let’s take a look at some of them.


All-New X-Men #21 (Marvel Comics) – The All-New X-Men (which are really the original X-Men) and X-23 have been captured by the Purifiers.  Can they escape, or will they become the subject of experiments by the sinister science group, A.I.M.?

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1 – Max and Melody are your average everyday kids whose parents own a shop of strange curiosities.  Little do they know there is more to their lives than bad grades, sports and bullies.  And who exactly is Uncle Roland?

Miracleman #1 (Marvel Comics) – Marvelman/Miracleman has had a long history, a long tumultuous history.  With a lot of the legal troubles behind the character, Marvel had managed to bring him back to comics.  This issue includes a lot of extras about the character and about the creator.

X #9 (Dark Horse Comics) – An interesting story about a man who seeks punishment for his crimes at the hands of the mysterious X killer.  This is the origin story of a figure that will undoubtedly return to the pages of X in the future.

Astro City #8 (DC Comics/Vertigo) – Part two of a story that brings together the Trinity of Astro City: Samaritan, Winged Victory, and the Confessor.  Who is waging a PR war against Winged Victory and her centers?


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