Gaming Weekend

I already mentioned a part of this weekend’s gaming, but here is the rest.



This weekend started with a little Geek Out Saturday.  Geek Out is a party game that can be played by as little as 2 people, or, well, a party.  The game is pretty simple when it comes to the rules.  Roll a die and a question will be asked that corresponds to the color rolled (with white as a wild card).  The questions come from a number of “geek” subjects, like comics, fantasy, games, sci-fi, and miscellaneous (example: Name 4 Batman enemies).  Once the task is given, players have a chance to outbid each other.  Once the highest bid is reached, the bidder will have to answer.  If he succeeds, he/she gets the card, which acts as a point.  If not (and the bid is higher than the card given minimum), he/she takes a -2 point token.  The person who reached 5 points is the winner.

It is actually not as easy as you would think.  They do have stipulation rules which make sure the game isn’t too easy.  For example, if the task is, “Name 6 fantasy movies,”  Only one of the answers can be Lord of the Rings, as the game treats franchises as one movie.  We had a Hell of a time racking our brains trying to remember the answers to some of these questions.



That night, I also got in a game of Eldtrich Horror.  Eldritch Horror is similar to Arkham Horror, both pulling their inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.  Eldritch Horror, however, takes the battle against the elder gods to a global scale.  There are also a new cast of characters in this game, so you are not playing with the same ones that are present in Arkham Horror and Elder Sign.  In addition, some of the components have been pared down to a more manageable level, but it is still a huge set up and run.  Unfortunately, I lost when the mythos deck ran out just as I was working on solving the last mystery.  I still want to tackle it again.

I mentioned Sunday’s X-Wing in another post, mostly because it really needed to be discussed separately.  A lot of good work as done on the game scape and it needed to be showcased.



Sunday night (post X-Wing) I took a stab at two other games.  The first is Mice and Mystics, a fantasy role playing board game.  Players assume the roles of mice (well, there’s more to it than that) in this story based adventure.  Scenarios are laid out as individual parts of a story (even the game timer is based on chapters of a book) which pit the player against various minions in a race against the clock to complete the goal.

And the first time I played, I made a major blunder and did not move the mice characters correctly.  And, by incorrectly, I forgot the die roll which adds to their base movement.

I tried again Monday/Tuesday night with the correct movement mechanism and did better, but I still think I’m missing something in the game and I will tackle it again soon.



The other game I played was Ghost Stories.  In Ghost Stories, players assume the role of monks defending a village from invading ghosts.  Each monk has their own special ability that they can use to defeat the ghosts before they haunt 3 parts of the village.  I played on solo level and did not fare well.  Monday brought three more solo matches, only one of which was a win.  I have to admit that I was not sure about how I would feel about this game, but I really do like the challenge.  I will definitely play this one again.

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