Picks of the Week – January 8, 2014

A polar vortex may be plunging the United States into a deep freeze, but it won’t stop new comic day.  And this week has some pretty decent books out there.


Detective Comics #27 (DC Comics) – This oversized anniversary issue celebrates the 75 anniversary of the debut of Batman in the original Detective Comics #27.  A number of stories from some of the big names in comics are in this issue, including Gothtopia, the latest Bat-story line.

Also out this week: Batman Black and White #5 and Batman/Superman #7.

Swamp Thing #27 (DC Comics) – Trapped in the Green, Alec Holland seeks to return to Earth and assert himself as the Avatar of the Green.  Can Jason Woodroe, the Seeder, hold onto the title of Avatar?

Earth 2 #19 (DC Comics) – It’s all out war on Earth 2.  But, have our heroes found a secret weapon against a Superman siding with Darkseid?

Green Lantern #27 (DC Comics) – The shape shifting Durlans have infiltrated the headquarters of the Green Lanterns, but what exactly is their gambit?

X-Factor #1 (Marvel Comics) – Gambit is having a difficult time setting aside his old thieving ways.  Can Polaris convince him to join the new X-Factor?

The Walking Dead #119 (Image Comics) – The dust has barely settled from last issue and we find The Negan bringing the war to Hilltop.  The war continues in this issue.

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